Sequenti EA

Automated Trading With A calm Mind

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Sequenti EA

Sequenti is an automated trading system that trades the markets 24/5. We do not need to be at the computer to be involved in the markets. 

Sequenti can be copied on Pelican Trading which is an external platform.


Sequenti applies a low risk per trade strategy


No prior trading experience needed


With an EA, trading are consistent. No missed trades and no trades based on emotions.


No Martingale management system used

Want To trade without the stress?

One of the biggest obstacles for traders to become consistent is that they get in their own way. They simply can’t execute or manage their trades. Either because they don’t have time to do so. Or because their own mindset get in the way. And sometimes they simply can’t find a long-term profitable trading strategy and edge.

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With Sequenti we have now solved all those obstacles. It is now possible to go from being a inconsistent trader to become a consistent trader, without any stress! With our automated trading strategy (also called EA, algo, robot etc.) Sequenti trading will be fully automated so people can take advantage of all the opportunities in the market 24/5. 

Sequenti Results*

The results below show the monthly backtesting performance of Sequenti in percentages based on risking 0.3% per trade.

To validate our mechanical trading strategy (Sequenti) we have tested it over a 13 year period, executing the same entry and management over and over again.

Within the results below are more than 6240 trades which have been executed automatically (which is what an EA does) to eliminate any human error.

The results has finally been analyzed by using a software from StrategyQuant.

The results below show the monthly LIVE performance of Sequenti starting in 2023 in percentages based on risking 0.3% per trade.

We have also published our live results for Sequenti on Myfxbook. This is a verified track record where it is possible to see how the stats were in the past and what they currently are. Additionally, it is possible to see other useful stats.

Myfxbook site.

* Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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Client Testimonials

"That fact that Blayn and Jacob are so honest about the algos they have made, what it includes and how it all works is very rare. These guys are the real thing. And then it's so easy to set up as well."
Stephen Miller​
"Just unbelievable how much work these guys have put into making their algos. I feel so lucky that they even want to share it with me and the world."
Paul Johnson
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Get started now to take advantage of the opportunities in the Forex market. A simple way to become a consistent trader without any stress or negative emotions.

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