Our EAs constantly monitor the global financial markets, 24/7.

This allows everyone to receive an automated slice of

the multiple trillion dollars that are traded every single day.

Our Core EAs

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Our first (primum: latin for "the first one") EA was the first EA we published on a large trading account after many, many different iterations. To this day, we still run this EA on our own live accounts.

This EA is not yet available to lease.


Sequenti (latin for "the following") EA is our second EA. The EA was developed because we wanted to have a few more trades and be a bit more aggressive in our entries, compared to Primum.

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Acceleratus (latin for "accelerated") EA is our most active EA. It combines the best of both worlds from Primum and Sequenti. It is our most active EA (most trades), yet still with a low risk profile.

This EA is not yet available to lease.

Sequenti US

US based clients: We got you covered. This is the same strategy, management etc. as the above, original Sequenti. The only difference between the two is that this version trade instruments that most US based brokers allow US citizens to trade. Results also slightly differ from the original. See more details about this on our FAQ page.

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